Original Artwork by Brenda Pelletier

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On The Easel in the Dead of Winter: Summer Dahlias

 A week after Christmas and I'm painting summer dahlias. Right now this is a work in progress and will take a few more sessions to finish this. I am taking part in a gallery Show at Granville Island Hotel next fall . Knowing how busy I am, I thought I had better start adding a few paintings to my portfolio. Flowers inspire me every time ! I spent a beautiful afternoon at this Dahlia farm this summer and have some lovely subject matter. Dahlias definitely aren't the easiest to paint . For some reason, with me, the inspiration always comes first. I get so excited about how beautiful something is that I dive in. About an hour into the painting I ralize what I've taken on lol. Hopefully I will be be able to pull this one off  😉

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