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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life Is Not About Waiting for the Storm to Pass Its About Learning to Dance in the Rain

This has always been my favourite quote .. it's usually a favorite with those people who've gone through a lot or had to endure many struggles in life . Because when you go through what I've gone through, you live in the darkness for awhile , not even being able to  find your bearings you're so swept up in it. You almost drown in the tidal wave of grief . But all of a sudden one day ,  tiny spark of light breaks through the darkness .....and you reach for it , for that small spark of joy that comes with it. You realize that there can be joy while dancing in the rain.  You truly begin to live the little moments and appreciate them because the pain has been so overwhelming. And a small moment of joy can bring such bliss.

My husbands sudden passing was my first storm .....and the storm lasted for five years as we lost many more people dear to us . The stresses and heartache of carrying on without him and raising three kids on a single income were huge. But so was the Soul growth. I am not the same person I was and can actually say I now live life and each moment more fully. His death taught me a reverence for life and the sacredness of it. I no longer take anything for granted and realize how precious it is, Along with my friends and family.

Finally, this year I was ready to fully live and embrace life again. This was an art journal page I did in January.
To me this page was a reflection of how I had gotten through the loss of my sweetheart and many other huge struggles. I was beginning to put the storm behibd me. But I didn't  see the new storm on the horizon. One month after this I was suddenly diagnosed with  leukemia  . Really ?? Have I not gone through enough ? Apparently not.  
By this time tho , I think I have  finally learned how to ride the storm from the centre of the cyclone. ..the calmest part. Deep inside of you;  you will find peace. Going  wirhin and connecting with the Divine  calms your deepesr fears. 
So there I shall resr as I go in to the hospital today for more chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. 

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