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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oprah Winfrey " The Life You Want Weekend" Conference

 What an amazing Empowering weekend with Oprah. Went to her  Life You Want Weekend"  To say it was uplifting is putting it mildly.  So many women there, so many stages of life . Some just wanting a girls weekend, some needing hope after a life crisis. Oprah's words and guest touched upon it all. The beginning of The conference truly set the tone. The whole arena was dark . Out of the dark came Oprah's voice saying" We are the stars, our bodies are built with the same DNA as the stars. Simultanesouly the huge screen flashed on with a picture of the stars and the galaxies and at the same time the bracelets on our wrist started flashing like starlight. A truly inspirational start ! After several speakers , the just of it was to keep on taking those baby steps toward your dream life and living your true, authentic life. When we finally reach our goal our lives will be even more joyful and magical than we can imagine because we have aligned with our soul.

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