Original Artwork by Brenda Pelletier

Monday, January 9, 2012

Texture Tuesday

I've just stumbled upon "Texture Tuesdays "  with Kim Klassen ...........yes some of us are a little slower than others (wink, wink )

Anyway, this is my first little project using a warm sunny texture that she provided us with.  Although it's a far cry from what I'd like to be able to do , I had lots of fun playing around........but I  got absolutely nothing else done tonight. 

You can get totally carried away playing around in Photoshop and have no idea where the time went !

Enjoy !


NB: Whoops .....just figured out I must have brought up the wrong Texture Tuesday ( Lord knows how : )   Oh well, I'll get it right next week !


  1. Very pretty! Photoshop can suck you right in :)

  2. This is wonderful and romantic too. So cute, your little angel...

  3. think we all have a turn at doing the wrong week. It is fun using the textures and doing photoshop, and frightenly enough, I have had whole weekends pass on my computer. so much fun! very nice shot you did..... reminds me of some I did in Italy of bigger statues. Cheers to you, Jeanne

  4. Hi Bre, yes, many an hour is spent here in cs5 :) I think of it as an investment in myself :) I love your image and processing, it works perfectly here.

  5. I think you did a wonderful job with the texture! Welcome to texture tuesday!!!