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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Inspirational Message

Enjoy these words of inspiration , however they work for you . I plan on adding angel messages weekly to my blog to inspire, uplift, or support so please check back.

This message is particularly meaningful to me . After being at the lowest point in my life after my sweetheart passed, it was a devestating struggle to get myself back in the land of the living again. I know that I acted very robotic like and made sure I took care of my kids needs ....but to really get back into life  and feel some joy was a huge challenge. I couldnt go to  grief support groups because I couldnt be with people.....way too fragile. I went to a grief counselor but I ended up counselling her.
No, my growth and healing began by exploring myself and what perceptions I had about life, life after death, God, Angelic help .......the whole shebang .
Although it is a never ending journey and I still continue to work through much grief, laughter has come back into my life again and  I did find the answers I needed ....and a whole lot more surprises within myself too ! Sometimes I think its like going down Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole ......

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