Original Artwork by Brenda Pelletier

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Somehow I summoned enough courage to enter in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. The theme was Terrariums. I was immediately inspired. I let my ideas simmer for about a week then started painting.The painting itself flowed very freely...it wasn't til the last day that everything went wrong lol. There was some very deep meaning behind my painting: Magical Secret.  I wanted to create a secret garden-like scene that was filled with childlike wonder. Look closely and you can see a tiny little fairy nestled in the tail of a peacock.
The meaning behind Magical Secret  was thrifold (if that's a word) Firstly, if we all learn to connect to our Soul and live that way ...life can be Magical. But you have to discover that secret by finding your inner self first. Secondly, the tiny little treasure chest with the nest and little heart in it held a lot of significance.....personal and Global. The Magical Secret to Life is pure and simple: Live with love in your hearts and  keep your childlike wonder. Sounds trite but the world really needs to move toward this simple concept to make the changes it needs. 
And finally, the most special meaning to the tiny treasure chest is deeply personal but comforting. I lost the love of my life, soulmate and Daddy to my kids five years ago. This year, on the day before what would have been our 23rd anniversary an acquaintance came up to me and handed me a tiny little painting of two birds. In amongst the trees was a tiny little nest with a heart in it. As she gave it to me she said " Do you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up ? Well, this is from your husband and he is the one who told me to paint the little heart in the nest." She does happen to have some very special spiritual gifts but she had no idea that it was our anniversary the next day ! So, this painting with the wee  little heart in the tiny little nest is dedicated with much love to my sweetheart Alain. The little heart symbolizes the immense love we shared , which is what helps me to move on in life and pursue my dreams of creating a career out of my art.

Technically, the original painting is much better. It was too large to scan so I had to take a picture of it which definitely lessened the quality of it.Unfortunately, since I was down to the crunch, it came out quite distorted but I didn't have time to straighten it out.(I got sick  the last few days before submitting ) Plus I didn't have time  to paint on Secret the way I would have liked. So I had to submit artwork that is definitely a lower quality than my usual standards. But, oh well, lesson learned. Life just got in the way at the last minute. Altho I don't think I stand even a small chance of moving on to the next level, it was an awesome experience. And now I have a whimsical painting that is dear to my heart.