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Saturday, August 25, 2012

So Excited About My Art Studio

Woo hoo, I no longer have to work in my dining room . I had turned it into my studio of sorts and it was actually quite pretty but storage was always an issue.... where to put all my canvases, books etc. ?

An armoire had been turned into my art cupboard but that was quickly overflowing.

Then life had a way of quite forcefully pushing me in the right direction. My tenants moved out and the local bylaw officers came and told me me that I wasn't allowed to rent it anyway.

So after some humming and hawing I decided to turn it into my art studio, which had been the original plan when we had built our new house.

I'm totally loving working in there  ....  the energy is beautiful but I do have the pressure now of making up the rent money from my studio. Since my sweetheart is no longer with us, I lost an income.

I'll be teaching painting Wednesday and Saturday mornings and holding workshops in there.
A few steps closer to my dream job !

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