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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Book


I'm taking part in this yearlong journey at Willowing and Artist Friends
For the whole year , two different artist teach different techniques that we use to make pages of our own Life Book. What a cool way to record Your Story"
I'm really excited about all the different artists' various styles. Being a traditional oil painter, I am feeling quite a pull to branch out into the mult media techniques.

My first exercise was a bit of a bust though .....as I was quite time challenged and didnt really have time to experiment hopefully that will come later.... Plus I'm soooo used to painting it was totally a stretch to get back to just drawing. So I basically just got it done.

The excercise was to find Goddesses who's qualities you were drawn to. Goddess' who's qualities were somewhat contrasted . I chose Kwan Yin with commpassion, love and enlightment , and Isis ........still feminine and compassionate ..but  more assertive  in her feminine power , a leader.

 Totally looking forward to seeing how my style evolves as I learn the different techniques.

Have a blessed day !

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