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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Divine Inspiration

So, what comes first , the inspiration for the painting itself or the words ?  For me,  that depends on the type of painting it is. For any of my landscapes or portraits, the inspiration almost always comes from a picture or vision that sparks my inner light. 

 But for any of my work , that I refer to as "Divinely Inspired, the inspiration almost always comes to me in the form of a message. Some other day I'll go go into more detail about how I  began receiving these messages ................yes, I love to paint, but a poet, I am  not : )
So it is without a doubt, that I know these messages are not from me.   They gave me comfort in a time of great despair when I needed it . And now it feeds my soul to be able to paint them.

The one above has touched many people, including myself........it started from these beautiful words :
Let your pain drift upon the wings of an angel and mingle with the light of God.

They then made their way into this painting:
I truly hope these angel inspired words give anyone who is suffering in any way, as much comfort as they do me.

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